Why search, when you can scan?

Why search, when you can scan?

With QR codes, you can quickly bring up all of your saved searches and artefacts when you visit an asset onsite.

In RedEye DMS, you’re able to save searches that you’ve built with status filters for you to quickly bring up again in the future, and share via a private link to those who have and need access to saved searches. The benefit is that you save time from building the search each time when you’re in your application. Onsite, you may not have this search available to everyone and need added assurance that the right artefacts are found with its associated asset.

With saved searches, you can now print a QR code and stick it on your asset. This solves the following problems:


This ensures you have the correct artefacts each time as the QR code will bring up its associated saved search of the data you need. You will avoid running the risk of bringing up old or incorrect data on site, keeping you safe from making any harmful errors.


The QR code scan is super quick, which means all you have to do on site is scan the code, and you have all of the associated artefacts related to your asset right away. This can include drawings, photos, documents, and anything else that is saved in the search.

Dynamic searching

While a group can help you organise items together, saved searched is dynamic which means anything that ends up being modified, added, or removed under your search will immediately apply to your saved search filters, so your data will always be relevant to the asset.


Dave Hynes demonstrates how to set this up from the web app, to scanning a QR code onsite. To learn more, get in touch with us here: https://redeye.co/contact/


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