Design and build with Transit Australia Group

Design and build with Transit Australia Group

At RedEye, we pride ourselves on designing “with” our clients, rather than “for” them. The solutions we create aren’t for us to use, and we understand that our user’s experiences may differ from the assumptions we make about them. Instead, we prefer to engage with and learn from them, validating and iterating our ideas to guide us towards making products that solve the right problems.

Some of the RedEye Workforce Mobility team ventured to the Surfside Bus Depot on the Gold Coast to sit in and observe TAG’s training workshop as they implement new safety protocols. The objective of this session was to identify any pain points that TAG was experiencing in both their current processes and implementing new ones.

Jason Wilkinson, General Manager of TAG, ran the training workshop, and through this we uncovered further opportunities that could help improve the level of efficiency and auditability in their workplace with our Workforce Mobility application. We were very happy to note that a lot of their pain points can be solved with our Workforce Mobility product right away, giving us the confidence to know that we are on the same page as our users.

These sorts of activities are essential early on in the relationship with the client, establishing actual needs and using these real-world studies to build and maintain a better and more viable product.

Written by Caleb East

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