RedEye’s Digital Engineering Course: Impact & Recommendations

RedEye’s Digital Engineering Course: Impact & Recommendations

I survived 30 hours of teaching within three weeks, on top of my full-time role with RedEye. While I consider that a success in itself, it was an incredibly rewarding experience to connect with emerging engineers and prepare them for the industry.

In June, the Las Vegas RedEye team ran a Digital Engineering course through the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The course was designed for final year engineering students, to bridge the gap between theory and the real-world application of digital engineering principles.

The practical application of tomorrow’s engineering business processes – digital engineering standards, BIM workflow processes etc – is not being widely taught.

Providing UNLV students with the basics before they enter the workforce will ensure they’re more valuable and innovative for employers, whilst giving them the opportunity to enjoy and contribute to their industry sooner.

We covered the evolution, status, and potential future of industry tech trends, and utilized industry professionals as guest-speakers to reinforce the practical value for students.


Key Outcomes:

14 students were registered to attend this course (which is considered great attendance for a UNLV summer course!). We surveyed their feedback on the course and got the following results: 

  • The overall value of the course: 7.4/10
  • How valuable the course would be to their future careers: 9.2/10 
  • How many participants would recommend the course to other students in the future: 100% 

“Amazing Lecturers and I learned so much from them. I never realized how complex the water industry was and how much moving pieces it takes to deliver water to customers.”

–  UNLV student feedback on guest lecturer 



Impact and Recommendations:

  • Achieved our goal of providing practical knowledge of the engineering industry to students, putting them in an optimal position for their future careers. 
  • Accumulated valuable knowledge and content for RedEye to share with our current and future. 
  • Industry guest lecturers provide knowledge and experience that is hugely valuable to students 
  • Running a course like this, after hours during weeknights, is great for companies as it doesn’t impact their work days. It also makes the course accessible to any professionals who want to sign up for the course outside of the general student curriculum.


This is the third installment in our Digital Engineering Course series, recapping the course we created through the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Don’t forget to check out Part I & Part 2 for a comprehensive backstory and course content overview!

Contact Dave Shaw for further information on our course with UNLV or to start the conversation on digital engineering.

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