Bringing dogs to work makes perfect business sense

Bringing dogs to work makes perfect business sense

Dogs in the RedEye office are part of our culture. Research has shown that welcoming dogs in the workplace may improve the health and well-being of staff.

Louise Vorpagel, Culture and People Lead, says RedEye’s pet-friendly environment brings the team together and helps to nurture a great culture.

“Pets are always welcomed to the RedEye office with a sense of excitement from the team. Everyone always makes an effort so visiting dogs feel at home. Some of the regular RedEye office dogs include Jet, Bacon, Casper, Melvin, Sophie and Harvey.”

“Dogs can lower stress because our team take more frequent short breaks to walk or play with our four-legged friends.”

So popular are office dogs that RedEye recently received its first dog resume from Arty, a 2-year-old Bichon Frise.

“I’ve also found that our dog-friendly environment is a great recruiting tool for top talent who are pet owners. About 63% of Australian households own a pet, and of these 39% have a dog. Dogs are literally a man (and woman’s) best friend. Being able to bring your dog to work is a recruitment selling point for RedEye”, Louise said.

Kristy Ellery, RedEye’s Marketing Manager and avid dog lover, recently joined RedEye and said that being able to bring your dog to work was one the many selling points.

“Bringing your pet to work brings a smile on everyone’s face. Pets are our fur-children these days and having the opportunity to spend extra time with them whilst working is beneficial to everyone.”

“Don’t forget to do your homework before implementing a bring your dogs to work policy. I recommend consulting with staff and considering allergies”, Louise concluded.

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