Capture everything you need with audio & video media types!

Capture everything you need with audio & video media types!

Audio and video media types now available on Workforce Mobility (iOS)!

Whether you’re completing a form or raising an issue, detailing what you see on the field and reporting that back can often be a tedious exercise. Submitting text and images can go a long way to document failed or successful inspections, but you can get stuck writing a long description. Sometimes it’s not even enough information. The next thing you know, you’re in the middle of a long back and forth exchange just so your team can completely understand the issue.

Finding the right words to describe an issue won’t be a problem any longer. You can now capture audio and video media types to capture the issue at hand. Do you hear a strange mechanical sound? Record the audio. Do you see an asset operating poorly? Film it. This makes speedy work for an issue that perhaps took you a paragraph and 5 images to describe before, now simplified in a simple video.

If there is a safety inspection you’re carrying out, rather than failing an item on your form, you can fail and also show WHY with its relevant media type attached. You will be able to capture the evidence of completion directly into your form for each step.

If you’re wearing safety gear that makes it difficult for you to type, use the audio media to capture a voice memo instead!


Rather than taking a few different photos of a site, just capture one video and scan the area.

We have many other exciting features coming up, including more improvements to our Android mobile app. Keep your eyes out for future updates!

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