RedEye at the ACE Conference

RedEye at the ACE Conference

Reinventing the way water utilities work

Did you know that in the water industry:

  • 67.5% can’t easily find the latest changes to information in their current system.
  • 70.5% find their current method of searching, working with and viewing drawings inefficient and time consuming.
  • 85.7% share information uncontrolled by email, paper or other means.

RedEye can help you gain back control and visibility of your data! 

RedEye is quickly establishing a strong reputation in the Australian and US utility industries, currently managing USD $36.8B of infrastructure and assets. With a focus on efficiency and safety, RedEye is helping water utilities and large industrial water users to improve their operations, reduce water wastage and eliminate costly maintenance mistakes, ultimately improving water quality and reliable access.

Come and visit RedEye at the American Water Industry Association’s ACE conference to see we can help you:

  • 12 – 14 June,
  • Innovation Lounge, booth #21108
  • Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas.

You also have the chance to win RedEye kangaroo leather card holders, all the way from Australia and handmade by our Product Manager, Scott.

Southern Nevada Water Authority case study
We’ll also be presenting a RedEyeDMS session –  A case study: cloud-based engineering drawing management for Las Vegas Valley Water District / Southern Nevada Water Authority.

  • ACE Conference
  • 13 June,
  • Session IL11,
  • Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas.
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