ACE conference wrap up

ACE conference wrap up

It’s a wrap on the American Water Works Association (AWWA) Annual Conference (ACE), held on June 12-14 here in sunny Las Vegas! Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth in the Isle Utilities Innovation Lounge – we had a great time and met some awesome people!

Our Las Vegas team wanted to share some of their lessons learned from the event:

  1. Sharing: everyone in the water industry is keen to share ideas, insights and innovations to solve their global challenges.
  2. Data control: so many water utilities still feel they don’t have control over their as-built environment. We’d love to help more water utilities take control of their engineering drawing and data – just like we have with SNWA and LVVWD. RedEye helps clients to gain control, improve safety and productivity.
  3. Collaboration: we love our US clients – particularly SNWA and LVVWD; and don’t forget our partner WaterStart! Sharing insights on how their RedEyeDMS pilot has helped their business helps spread the word globally. See below for footage of our presentation during ACE.
  4. Dedication: Roman (our former GM in the States) is super-committed – or a caffeine addict – he spent more than 36 hours awake to fly from Australia to Las Vegas and then be awake on the first day of the conference.
  5. Kangaroos are awesome: Our RedEyeDMS Product Manager, Scott, is also a talented leather maker. The RedEye kangaroo leather wallets he made for conference giveaways were a big hit! Yes, we are an Australian company. But no, RedEye doesn’t sell leather… or kangaroos.
    Kangaroo on Emojipedia 11.0
  6. #WaterLove: Pat, Dave, Vince and Roman were excited to meet Eddy, the offical water drop of the American Water Works Association. Roman looks like he’s really enjoying the cuddle below!

Below: Spending quality time with David Johnson (Deputy GM – Engineering & Operations) and his wife Lisa at the WaterStart dinner

Lesson 3: Collaboration

LVVWD and SNWA started working with RedEye through WaterStart, a non-profit designed to connect water utilities with technology companies. The result of this trial? Improved safety and efficiency, through the accessibility and usability of engineering information. The project is expected to save SNWA 450 man hours each month with only a 20 month return on investment (ROI).

Thanks Greg Kodweis (Director – Infrastructure Management, SNWA) and Nate Allen (Executive Director, Waterstart) for sharing the stage with Roman and taking the time to share your story! Watch the full presentation here:

Til next year folks!

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