RedEye and Southern Nevada Water Authority case study

RedEye and Southern Nevada Water Authority case study

Thanks Waterstart, Las Vegas Valley Water District (LVVWD) and Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) for taking the time to present with us at the ACE Conference in Las Vegas today.

LVVWD and SNWA teamed up with RedEye to pilot RedEyeDMS across their US-based water utilities. The result? Improved safety and efficiency through the accessibility and usability of engineering information. The project is expected to save SNWA 450 man hours each month with only a 20 month payback on investment.

Nate, Greg and Roman share their insights into how their partnership helped SNWA gain control control of their data.


  • Nate Allen, Executive Director, Waterstart (start & 24:54)
  • Greg Kodweis, Director of Infrastructure Management, LVVWD (5:12 & 17:36)
  • Roman Galikov, General Manager North America, RedEye (3:30 & 12:45)

Want to learn more? See the SNWA case study.

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