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6 Sustainability Facts About Us

6 Sustainability Facts About Us


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Sustainability As A Product

1. Sustainability is a big part of how we do business. Our drawing and data management service has been completely digitalised across our web, iOS and Android products. Thus employees do not have to carry large paper records when meeting on and off site.

2. In addition, the virtual application reduces CO2 emissions by eliminating the need for driving to and from sites to search and find the necessary drawings, instead they are all in the cloud. We look to the future and believe that environment impact metrics are just as important as social and economic metrics when measuring results. We use the triple bottom line to create the most sustainable version of its business today and for the future.

Sustainability In The Office

3. We stay true to our core values, especially in the office. We have adjusted our lights to be automatic so that they automatically turn on and off according to movement detection, allowing electricity to be saved!

4. Similarly, the air-conditioning has been carefully tuned to turn on only during office hours and an ambient temperature of 24°C. This has not only benefited our sustainability report but also our employee’s satisfaction. The ideal temperature has created a more comfortable working environment for everyone to collaborate.

5. Employees are also encouraged to use public transport when driving to and from work. This principle also applies for employees traveling around Brisbane to visit our local Clients.

6. Finally, we minimise our paper consumption. Desktop computers, laptops and iPad are at all employee’s finger tips to use freely and bring around the office and whenever in a meeting. On the slight occasion where paper is used, it can be later recycled using our recycling program in the office.