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3 quick tips to improve your workflow in Workforce Mobility

3 quick tips to improve your workflow in Workforce Mobility
1. Drag and drop Jobs to reschedule

You may have come across this by accident, and while it’s a simple function, it’s a nice-have for you to easily move Jobs on your calendar with a simple click-and-drag.

To do this, simply click and hold it down, then drag and drop it in your desired calendar space. That’s it! The Job will automatically update with the new time and date.


2. Assign tags & attributes

After scheduling your Job, you can go into the detail/summary page and assign tags. This will allocate the Tags for you to be able to group and categorise Job entities. 

As an extension, Tags have Attributes which hold optional information related to the Tag that may assist in completing Jobs.

So to break this down, you would create attributes by going into ‘Organisation Settings’ in the top right of your profile, then travelling to the bottom left to ‘Attributes’. Here, you can create attributes and have their field types as either a text, number, or drop-down field.

Then, head over to ‘Tags’ on the left menu, and create your tag. Once you create a tag, you can allocate attributes to them, which will appear in your form when you assign that Tag to a Job.

As an example, we could have a few scheduled Jobs that are related to pipelines. We could “tag” these Jobs and fill in their attributes with relevant information that would hold information related to the Job to complete, equipping your on-site workers to get their task done correctly.


3. Create Jobs offline on mobile (coming soon)

This one isn’t out just yet, but we believe it will certainly help you work more effectively in the near future.

Creating a Job offline ensures you can still create Jobs regardless of the environment you’re in. If you’re on a remote site without internet, you may have a Job come up that you need to schedule. Rather than having to wait until you reach connectivity, you can schedule the Job on the spot and complete its Activities. Once you gain internet, your Job along with your Answers will be uploaded and synced across all platforms.

That’s it for now. Watch our social media and website news space for future product releases, and see what else we’re working on.