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Purpose-built for infrastructure organisations

The challenge
After decades of installations, equipment overhauls, and capital projects, infrastructure organisations face significant operational risks associated with the accuracy of their engineering drawings.
The solution
Our clients use RedEye to manage important concepts like revision control, audit trail, visibility over the drawing lifecycle and fast red pen turn around. Redeye allows for quick, easy and secure access for multiple users both internally and externally.

“Sometimes I will not be required to go to site, and that will save me a lot of time. I will now easily be able to validate all works and this removes unnecessary travel. If I travel to a small town, I will be able to look at recently completed works and do spot checks.”


“I was looking for a solution to not having a paper based system. I wanted something that could auto track changes, was seamless and an easy process to use. I needed the system to be accurate and used across specialist contractors 20+ and Honeywell guys. RedEye has met all of my criteria for what I wanted. RedEyeDMS is working well and I’m quite pleased the way it’s turned out.”

Bruce Bonney
Bruce Bonney

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