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Purpose-built for energy organisations

The challenge
Energy generators, transmission services, distribution networks and retailers play an important role in supporting economic growth and enriching lifestyles across the country with power. But 70% in the electricity industry find their current method of searching, working and viewing drawings and plans inefficient and time consuming.
The solution
Our clients use RedEye to manage important concepts like revision control, audit trail, visibility over the drawing lifecycle and fast red pen turn around. Redeye allows for quick, easy and secure access for multiple users both internally and externally.

“RedEye has immediately improved the communication between the field and the engineering teams, improving designs, improving the safety of our designs and improving the engagement of the team”

Peter Barnard
Peter Barnard

“RedEye automates that whole markup process from beginning to end… Ultimately that means a safer, more productive workforce”

Mark Brownley
Mark Brownley

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