Take Digital Transformation from Buzzword to Business Strategy

It’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when a complete digital transformation in water utilities will occur. A successful digital transformation will satisfy the needs and functionality of various areas of your business, from the boots on the ground, to the designers, engineers, and executive suite.


Solutions for the Water Industry

Engineering Data and Drawing Management (RedEyeDMS)
Water utilities manage decades of drawings all aspects of project information. With these aging assets requiring updating, the ability of using the knowledge of an aging workforce is diminishing, but the correct management of project data and engineering drawings becomes more crucial. RedEyeDMS digitises data from multiple locations and file types into a single data management solution in the cloud.
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Mobile Workforce Management (Workforce Mobility)
With pipelines spanning counties and states and plants connecting them all together, efficient asset operations and maintenance depends on a cohesive mobile workforce and the right information. Workforce Mobility connects internal teams and contractors with asset data, and work oriented task information, enabling work scheduling and completion and real-time issue management to be achieved all from a cloud-based app, purpose-built for the field.
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Digital Twin
The future of Operations and Maintenance for complex assets and critical infrastructure,Digital Twin is a multi-dimensional digital representation of an as-built asset, facilitating the collection and analysis of data and event-driven outcomes to optimise asset performance. Combining as-built 3D models with operational data, Digital Twin accurately predicts failures and potentially reduces downtime by 60 per cent.
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Digital Transformation Services
As the needs of water utilities grow, projects, sites, assets, and teams can change. Sometimes there aren’t enough resources to assist. Our digital engineering team operate as an extension to your business, helping you to achieve project outcomes for long term success by working together.project outcomes for long term success.
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