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Queensland Children's Hospital

Queensland Children's Hospital - Healthcare Digital Transformation Success Story

Queensland Children’s Hospital opened in 2014, combining the former Royal Children’s Hospital and the Mater Children’s Hospital into one facility with an estimated construction cost of $1.2 billion. The hospital engages contractors and sub-contractors to operate and maintain their 12-level facility which is the largest capital investment in children’s health services in Queensland history.

Following an expansion project in 2015, Queensland Children’s Hospital received approximately 45,000 drawings in relation to their newly constructed precinct. Now with a single source of truth for engineering data and drawings, the facilities maintenance team are able to respond more quickly to issues, reducing facilities downtime and improving patient outcomes.

Patient care is our number one priority so if I can have the facilities working to allow that to happen then that’s a fabulous outcome.

A data management solution was required to invite their contractors, subcontractors and staff into a single platform to view, mark up and share engineering data and drawings.

A Single Source of Truth for Engineering Data

Leveraging asset management technology enables health services to optimize the way facilities and equipment are used, directly impacting workplace productivity as well as patient outcomes.

As hospital buildings and wards are repurposed, thousands of new drawings are added to the collection of sometimes decades-old facility records.

Any changes to engineering drawings can be marked up on a tablet, desktop or even by hand and scanned. RedEye is our single point of truth - if it’s not in RedEye, it’s not accurate.

Over 108 Australian healthcare facilities have chosen RedEye as their engineering data and drawing management software, including Queensland Children’s Hospital.

If you’d like to connect with the team at the Queensland Children’s Hospital to learn more, let us know and we can put you directly in touch.

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