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DMS versions and search

A single source of truth

Organisations that rely on uncontrolled data open themselves up to safety risks and unscheduled downtime. With DMS, all data is version controlled and stored securely in one central location, preventing incorrect drawings from being taken onsite and reducing duplication by up to 70%.
Version Control
Protect your intellectual property and assets by consolidating uncontrolled data sets.
Search uses more than just document titles. We clean your data so you can search using embedded metadata to filter and set conditions to find relevant results with ease.

Available anywhere, anytime

RedEye has native iOS and Android apps which allow users to quickly access the platform from their mobile phone, tablet or web browser.
laptop and mobile

The digital transformation journey.

RedEye enables asset owners to prepare legacy engineering data sets to make them functional and ready for future innovation and technological development.

View, markup and share engineering data in real-time

With intuitive mark-up tools and collaborative workflows, DMS is purpose-built for engineers.


Markup drawings using symbols, notes or free-hand and approve revisions from your mobile or desktop while maintaining visibility and version control.
Asset 1@2x


Use workflows to streamline issue notifications and approvals across your team with access to document revision history, access logs, audit trails and performance metrics.
3D Support

Visual and data-driven tools to reduce asset lifecycle costs

Streamline business processes and reduce costs throughout the asset lifecycle with reductions in rework and access to key metrics for improved performance, helping you monitor asset health and make data-driven decisions.

3D Support

Take advantage of 3D technology to avoid unnecessary or unsafe site visits with a comprehensive view of your asset on any device.
Media Upload

Media Uploads

Upload large media files such as video, audio and photographs from reports or maintenance work to create a comprehensive data set for each asset.

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