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How safe and efficient is your current asset operations & maintenance system?

In this 30min consult, one of our industry experts will work with you to identify key areas for improvement and risk mitigation. You’ll be introduced to RedEye, and the ROI we could provide your unique organisation.
Your industry expert will cover how to:

• Maximise safety levels with data management and version control.
• Reduce delays, costs, and downtime through ease of access to essential data.
• Optimise visibility and auditability from office to site.
• Digitize hundreds of documents in a minute.
• Clean and deduplicate data using our unique software.
• Schedule, complete and share maintenance work in real time

“Senior managers can sleep easy knowing the electricians working on live switchboards have the latest as constructed drawing thanks to RedEye”

Ken Vaheesan

“RedEye has immediately improved the communication between the field and the engineering teams, improving designs, improving the safety of our designs and improving the engagement of the team”

Peter Barnard
Peter Barnard

One of things about the data improvement service is it offers an option of information and helps us upgrade meta data for greater efficiency and accuracy with the system”

Detlef Murach
Detlef Murach