Solving real-world problems with our partners.


Collaboration is a strong part of our culture and design philosophy, and we partner with organisations who share our vision of greater control and visibility of engineering data for asset owner and operators.


Our partnerships unlock validation for RedEye solutions and the ability for our partners to take emerging technology to the market, delivering transformational change across multiple geographies and verticals.

Engineering-as-a-service, 3D model creation, back drafting, and engineering standards development 

Waterline Projects is a Queensland-based engineering company working with large asset owners in complex industries across Australia and South-East Asia. Waterline specialise in professional design engineering to deliver operational improvement. This includes mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, SCADA, organisational change management, and data analytics. 

This partnership extends RedEye’s offering to include engineering design, analysis, and compliance, and deepens our understanding of the operational problems that asset owners need to solve. Waterline are able to develop and maintain digital asset standards, keep critical information up to date and use 3D environments to continually improve the value of their clients digital assets and quality of information. 

Condition assessments, asset health monitoring, and reliability and integrity engineering 

Australia’s leading provider of asset reliability and integrity services, ALS offer services and solutions to assist their clients in maximising production, extending asset life, and ensuring safe and reliable plant operation. To achieve this, ALS have multiple modern metallurgical and mechanical testing laboratories across Australia, with over 670 engineers, metallurgists, inspectors, and technicians, delivering a comprehensive range of services. 

ALS has a proven track record in the power, oil and gas, petrochemical, minerals processing, mining, water, and infrastructure industries, offering a range of quality asset care services to help end-users make informed decisions.  

Through this partnershipRedEye is addressing real-world problems for the mining, powerand oil & gas industries. In turn, ALS are developing new ways to improve how data is collected, evaluatedand visualised, to continue to offer a premium service to their clients. 


How we work

RedEye Apps partners with organisations with shared values. We actively look for opportunities to co-develop features and functionality with our clients who are looking to differentiate themselves in their industry. RedEye adopts an agile approach to software design and development, ensuring that the solution is validated with our partners and clients along the way. 

If you have a challenge that you’d like to develop a solution for, start the conversation with our team today. Roadmap items can be prioritised and new features can be developed where the client is willing to help sponsor the initiative. 

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