“Our core values are at the heart of

how we operate at RedEye. They

guide how we hire, how we make

decisions, and who we do

business with.”

Louise Sharman, General Manager, People & Culture

I’ve got your back

We are encouraging, reliable, and trustworthy for our peers and customers.

I get sh*t done

We deliver results and stay focused, whilst remaining accessible and responsive.

We’re making a difference

We make a difference by innovating, solving real problems, leaving things better than we found them, and giving back to our community.

Global Inclusivity

Our diverse team is globally distributed across Brisbane, Melbourne, Las Vegas, Denver, Houston, Manilla, and New Zealand. We are focused on providing an inclusive and safe environment for our team to thrive in.

Our Culture

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Personal Responsibility

Everyone is responsible to complete their tasks and activities, accurately, ontime and on budget.
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No Surprises

We don’t make excuses for failures. We communicate our progress to everyone involved, and we ask for help if we need it.
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As a startup, every dollar matters. The more frugal we are, the more opportunities we will have to achieve our vision and mission.
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Being inclusive allows us to scale our processes, decision-making, and communication as we grow.
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Sense of Urgency

Urgency is a mindset. Our team move ideas along and get the right sh*t done in a dynamic, fast-paced work environment.
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At work, onsite, and while traveling.

“We’re not just building a business.

We are building people, jobs, teams,

products, communities.

We’re building an ecosystem.”

Wayne Gerard, CEO & Co-Founder

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