Episode 16 – Questioning the way things are done and lessons from a pharmacy degree with Jack Ferguson of Be the Push

Jack Ferguson joins us from Be the Push. After pursuing a career in pharmacy (but quickly realising it wasn’t the career for him) he helps entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs take their careers to the next...

Clients are at the heart of RedEyeWFM

The RedEyeWFM team has been out and about visiting valued clients and running a new pilot. Clients are at the heart of everything we do, and in the last fortnight the team has travelled more than 5,559 km to...

It’s a bird… no it’s a plane… no it’s Guillermo our superhero!

It’s easy to name a superhero – Superman, Batman, Thor, Spiderman, the Green Lantern, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Rorschach, Wolverine – but it’s not so easy to define what a superhero is...

The future of work isn’t about work

Emerging technology and globalisation are disrupting organisations, industries and economies. The RedEye team spent three months researching the future of work and discovered something unexpected – the future...

How do we get Google to Brisbane? Wayne talks to ABC

Our CEO and Co-Founder, Wayne, had a chat to Steve Austin on ABC radio’s drive time program yesterday. Queensland already has a great startup community and talent pool produced by our universities. Wayne...

The RedEye team uses creativity a bit differently every day

How are you using your creativity in problem solving this week? It’s World Creativity and Innovation week – a good time to generate new ideas, make new decisions, take new actions and create new outcomes to...

The Commonwealth Games’ bright star

It’s an exciting time in Queensland right now. The largest sporting event in Australia this decade, the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, has commenced. More than 1.5 million spectators will watch live and a further 1.5 billion will watch on TV...

RedEyeWFM in action


With RedEyeWFM you can:

Capture information digitally instead of on paper
Collaborate with service providers
Improve decision making with real time feedback
Understand the health of your assets

To find out more, book a demo today.

RedEyeDMS in action


Watch our RedEyeDMS solution in action!
With RedEyeDMS you can:

Quickly and easily find drawings
Reduce duplication
Markup revisions
View full version history

To find out more, book a demo today.

RedEyeDMS iOS 11 Stability

Update: We are happy to advise that these problems are now resolved, and RedEyeDMS is stable on iOS v11. Thanks for your patience! Original release: With the recent release of iOS 11, there have been some stability issues reported with our RedEyeDMS...

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