We care a lot about our clients

Working on site we saw lots of opportunities to help them improve the way they worked
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We got frustrated...

Receiving incorrect and outdated as-built drawings wasted time, impacted asset availability and projects.
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We worried about safety

There was a real risk someone would be hurt. This wasn't acceptable.
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We searched for a solution...

We spoke to lots of people in industry believing there would be a simple solution.
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We couldn't find a solution that was designed for asset owners...

There are lots of software programs for document control, GIS and project management. These aren’t designed for managing as-built drawings so people still couldn’t easily find or work on the current version of their as-built data.

So, we created RedEye!

Our vision is to "reinvent how people work", giving our clients control back over their data and assets. Our goal is to make a real difference for our clients and industry.
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Engineering Drawing Management

Making engineering drawings and technical reference data more available, useable and valuable.
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Mobile Work Management

Everything you need to work at your fingertips, wherever you are.
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Today we are creating a global community

With clients in many industries and locations, we’re providing solutions that enable our clients and their service providers to work together seamlessly across organisations, locations and devices.
Our Industries

The way we operate

When we founded RedEye the first thing we wrote was our Brand Promise, it’s our promise to our customers:
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We build enterprise software as a service (SaaS) solutions that are super easy to use, have an intuitive user interface and that require almost no training.

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Everyone expects software to be fast, our solutions are designed to be fast in the environments our clients work in, even when the internet connection is poor.

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Our solutions are purpose built to solve specific problems for our clients, it’s one of the things that stands us apart.

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Your assets and data are important, only people you invite should have access to our solutions. Roles, permissions and a full audit trail for every action.


Our goal is simple, provide the solutions that your team and service providers turn to, to get the job done!

We're a bit different, in a good way!

We're not your average enterprise software company
We're creating a community
We're creating a community

Working, learning and making a difference together and creating change in industry.

We're dedicated to your success
We're dedicated to your success

Our customer success team are with you from the very first day. Not just reactive support.

We understand the problem
We understand the problem

Our customer success and projects team worked in the industries we support - we get it.

We believe in collaboration
We believe in collaboration

We don't restrict users or make you pay for updates - the more the better.

We're on the journey with you
We're on the journey with you

Designed to complement the way you really work, we work with you to build our roadmap.

In the press

Learn more about what we’re up to and the causes we care about.

"Two summers ago, RedEye submitted a proposal to provide a water technology solution to Nevada. Fast forward to today and RedEye has completed a pilot program with the Las Vegas Valley Water District and the Southern Nevada Water Authority."

Las Vegas Review Journal

"Partnerships between start-ups, enterprise and government enterprise can work extremely well."

Australian Financial Review

"It isn’t clear from the research what exactly the future jobs are going to be, but we at least have some identified trends..."

Anthill Magazine

"RedEye’s platform delivers a solution to a major pain point facing water utilities today."


"Building information modelling (BIM) is slowly beginning to meet its promised potential, but what of all the existing data?"

Manufacturer's Monthly

"Increasingly, the most sought workers will be those who embrace technology, change and risk."

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