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Managing over $100 billion in assets with our clients

Southern Nevada Water Authority

“RedEye is going to save us 450 man hours every month and will only take 20 months to get our investment back.”
Water utilities are responsible for managing assets that help deliver a critical resource to their communities. To improve efficiency, the Southern Nevada Water Authority identified a way to reduce time and money spent on how they access and use engineering data and drawings.

Anagold Madencilik

"Throughout the project, everyone had access to the information as it was being created and reviewed."

During the Çöpler Mine Expansion Project, Anagold engaged RedEye to provide a single source of truth for engineering data and drawings during the expansion project that can be carried through handover to operations.

South Australia Power Networks

"We now work more efficiently and confidently with the latest data stored in the cloud."

SA Power Networks plays an important role in supporting economic growth and enriching lifestyles in South Australia with power. SAPN engaged RedEye to help manage their assets, improving their productivity and, ultimately, the way they deliver power to their community.
Purpose-built solutions, configured to your needs

Improve safety and productivity with access to data anywhere, anytime

"We have significantly improved the safety of our staff and contractors by getting the latest version of information in their hand efficiently with RedEye." Senior Project Manager, Water Utilities

Maintain version control across unlimited teams and contractors

"RedEye immediately improved communication between field and engineering teams, which improves safety and the engagement of the team.” Manager Engineering Design and Technical Services, Energy Provider

Control your intellectual property securely in the cloud

"RedEye has given our business the opportunity and support to take control of our drawings, reducing costs and enabling retention of our intellectual property." Specialist Project Control for Major Shutdowns, Mining

Engage a team of experts for continual data improvement

"Metadata is one of those things that is not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s laborious and can put people to sleep. RedEye’s data improvement service saves me so much time, it’s efficient and I don't need to muck about. ” Building Document Coordinator, Healthcare