The right engineering drawings, data and instructions at your fingertips

Empowering your team and service providers with the right information and tools when and where they need them.

We’re reinventing how people work

Purpose built solutions that drive productivity and safety while removing risk, cost and frustration

We’re solving global problems

Building a community that works together in an empowered and collaborative way

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Cloud and mobile solutions for asset & work management

We’re helping our clients transform the way they work, with purpose built solutions that drive productivity and safety while removing risk, cost and frustration
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Engineering Drawing Management

Making engineering drawings and technical reference data more available, useable and valuable.
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Mobile Work Management

Everything you need to work at your fingertips, wherever you are.
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Purpose built solutions for complex and critical assets

We’re helping our clients manage over $100bn of assets, giving them control over their data and the flexibility to be nimble and adapt in a rapidly changing environment.
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Some of our amazing clients

“We have been using Redeye WFM for several years to introduce transparency into our customer service and maintenance contracts. Queensland Health has been one of our customers that has benefited from this innovative and proactive maintenance platform to ensure critical system uptime.”

Andrew Doolan, General Manager - QLD, SEME

“Individuals in the field can bring up the latest drawing. Because it’s cloud-based, the as-builts are automatically updated. This reduces time, energy and effort in order to get the right, accurate drawings, at the right time.”

Greg Kodweis, Infrastructure Management Director, SNWA

“RedEye is going to change the way people at QUU work.”

Ken Vaheesan, Chief Engineer, QUU

“The RedEyeDMS system will immediately improve the communication between the field and the engineering teams.”

Peter Barnard, Manager Engineering Design and Technical Services, SAPN

“Water infrastructure management is essential to ensuring safe and reliable water delivery... RedEye is expected to provide our engineers and field crews ready-access to the engineering records they utilise daily."

Dave Johnson, Deputy General Manager, SNWA

"RedEye has given our business the opportunity and support to take control of our drawings, reducing costs and enabling retention of our intellectual property."

Danielle Dendle, Previously Specialist Mods & Small Projects, BMA

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We're making a difference across industries

We’re helping businesses large and small across a range of industries. We understand the nuance of your industry and the modern best practices that are transferable across industries.
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We're solving a global problem

Our solutions are being used all over the place, we’d love to help you too
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"Two summers ago, RedEye submitted a proposal to provide a water technology solution to Nevada. Fast forward to today and RedEye has completed a pilot program with the Las Vegas Valley Water District and the Southern Nevada Water Authority."

Las Vegas Review Journal

"Partnerships between start-ups, enterprise and government enterprise can work extremely well."

Australian Financial Review

"It isn’t clear from the research what exactly the future jobs are going to be, but we at least have some identified trends..."

Anthill Magazine

"RedEye’s platform delivers a solution to a major pain point facing water utilities today."


"Building information modelling (BIM) is slowly beginning to meet its promised potential, but what of all the existing data?"

Manufacturer's Monthly

"Increasingly, the most sought workers will be those who embrace technology, change and risk."

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We’re not your average enterprise software company

We're a bit different, in a good way!
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We’re making a difference

Culture and people are the heart of our business.
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